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Over the past few years, StageWorthy Arts as grown and multiplied! My home based studio and storage area (aka the garage) is busting at the seams with double parked Audrey 2’s and frustrated Dragons with little to no wing space! My unruly puppet inventory has literally taken over the Patrello family household giving us no room to spare. Ever since I started this business of building puppets, I’ve been dreaming of a space of my own and what I would do with that space once I moved in. Well, that day has FINALLY come and I am beyond thrilled to announce that - drum roll please - starting June 1st, StageWorthy Arts will be moving into a shiny new place and calling it home! The best news is that it will be right off the square in historic downtown McKinney, Texas. With a store-front studio,  StageWorthy Arts is more accessible to the community where we can open our doors and invite you in! 

We can now offer workshops and classes so you can come spend you summer making silly puppets and shows, learning to build mechanical props and creatures or dancing amongst flying monsters! The next few weeks will be busy, busy as we move in and set the stage for our new adventure. Be sure to visit the StageWorthy Arts’ Facebook page or for updates, pictures and summer registration information.